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Top Tier Teams selected by RECON of Tallahassee Fl.

RECON provides residential and commercial mitigation support and restoration of facilities damaged by fire, mold, natural and manmade disasters.

Each project requires a unique approach to satisfy the customers. In the age of COVID-19 and the challenges of supply chains and new communications methods, RECON recognizes that the key to success is to empower the individual to the benefit of the team with a laser focus on the scope of the project and effective communications.

Accountability requires trust, confidence and dedication to the outcome of the product, service or result being completed successfully. RECON has contracted with Top Tier Teams to deliver the training and support necessary to create successful project outcomes.

Top Tier Teams provides online and onsite training to it's clients in the planning, execution. monitoring/reporting and closing of successful projects. Through the creation of ironclad scope statements, with entire team buy in of "what the project looks like when it is done" (scope) then the schedule and costs of the projects are much easier to ascertain. This allows for a focus on scope throughout the project lifecycle and the support of team members to stay focused on the completion of the scope.

Leadership, effective communications, learning that you manage things but you lead/inspire people helps small teams accomplish big tasks in a way that is extremely fulfilling.

Visit to learn more about our training and support packages that take advantage of new technologies and new approaches to accountability and success.

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