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Top Tier Teams offers advanced training in project management, leadership and business analysis for diverse project teams.  We offer an entrepreneurial path for business owners, and a team path for program and project teams.

If you are starting and running your own business, our Entrepreneurial Boot Camp will set you on the right track in planning and executing the startup of your business, improvement of your products and services and networking opportunities.

If you have diverse program and project teams and want to see a 30% increase in their effectiveness and project success, get setup or our Project Team Boot Camp.

Our Executive Leadership seminar is a 2 days process covering leadership, risk management and project/program prioritization to help ensure your portfolio is being effectively managed to the benefit of your mission, vision and values.

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Starting and running your own business can be a daunting task.  Being an entrepreneur is living for a few years like nobody wants to live so that you can live the rest of your life like everyone wishes they could.  This one week boot camp is everything you need to launch and improve your business.  How to think like an entrepreneur and lead like a warrior.


There has never been a more important time than now to increase the effectiveness and productivity of your program and project teams.  This 1 week boot camp takes an existing project from your portfolio and brings that team together in a way that focuses on the success of that project.  The team learns new communication skills and project managers learn how to be more effective leaders


Without executive leadership, your programs and projects will be unnecessarily burdened with noise, confusion and fear resulting in an increase in overhead and lack of performance.  This 2 day seminar brings together your executive leadership team to reorganize your existing portfolio of programs and projects to ensure your priorities are being properly communicated and managed to the benefit of your mission, vision and values

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