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Climbers in Rock Wall


Using Top Tier Teams approach, techniques and methods, a new business was added to an old industry.  That new business, in just 7 short years, has become the #1 business in the industry.  Check out Top Tier K9 and the worlds very first COVID-19 detection dogs.

Top Tier K9 is rated as the #1 working dog trainer school in the country, by many accounts in the entire world.

Top Tier K9 was the pilot project for Top Tier Teams.  As we bring this new method of project development to other vertical markets, we anticipate similar results.


Using Top Tier Teams approach, more than 200 new entrepreneurs exist in 4 short years.  Young and old, male and female, rugged individuals are now mapping their own paths to success.

The focus on individual accomplishment to the betterment of the community at large is the magic behind the success of Top Tier Teams.

Individuals sacrifice for a short time in order to create wealth in the long run for themselves and their families.


Recon:  From large property fires to natural disasters like hurricanes, your home or place of business can be destroyed in a flash. But you're not alone when disaster strikes. RECON Restoration & Reconstruction was founded after the devastation left behind by Hurricane Michael in 2018. We're committed to helping people in the Florida Panhandle with all the repairs, remediation and reconstruction work they need to get life back to normal.

Whether your house was damaged in a storm or your restaurant was flooded, you can rely on us to get your property back to its pre-disaster condition. Find out more when you contact us today.

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