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K9 Integration into your business and home

Integrating dogs into traditional business processes and settings is an ongoing offering by Top Tier K9. The first company to train dogs to hunt for and indicate on the COVID-19 virus has created a new, non-government controlled, testing system for this and future pandemics.

Through the process of creating replicable dog training programs (Foundation Dog®) and building one of the worlds most recognized and respected dog trainer schools, Top Tier K9 has developed a world class business that focuses on integrating dogs (K9) into new functional requirements within existing business structures.

New uses of K9 within the private sector have been identified during this work to help mitigate the great pandemic of 2020.

  • Virus detection and mitigation

  • Mold detection and identification

  • Bomb and IED detection

  • Precious minerals and metal detection

  • Security and protection from aggressors

  • Service and therapy for workers

  • Exercise and human sport integration

  • Service dogs that also protect

Top Tier Teams has the responsibility of ensuring that the deployment of dogs is accomplished in a way that integrates within existing organizational process assets and to ensure proper training and management is in place to support K9 integration into existing business structures.

Contact Top Tier Teams to set up your one week K9 integration bootcamp that includes advanced leadership and communications training for your employees.

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